NBC Sports Gets Real (Time); Streams French Open Live Coast To Coast

Two years ago I ranted here about the need for NBC (NSDQ: CMCSA) Sports to get a grip or lose its grip on Wimbledon after it time shifted streams for a match it wouldn’t televise live. As I type, though, NBC Universal is live streaming the French Open men’s semis in freaking real time.
I don’t know if this reflects the Comcast era or a generally more mature approach to streaming live sports in a broadband-Twitter world but it’s welcome either way.
NBC Sports is streaming Rafael Nadal v. Andy Murray to be followed by what could be an epic match between Novak Djokovic, whose 41-match streak is at stake, and Roger Federer.
I won’t be able to watch most of it but at least I know what I do see is being shown at the same time coast-to-coast instead of being offered up like a slo-mo version of a stadium wave.
Both finals will be streamed live, too.
Update: Oh, the irony. NBC still time shifted the TV broadcast so the only time I could catch it live on the big screen, it had yet to start on the West Coast. In its place: the Today show. Next request for NBC — real time on TV, too.