Provide Professional Support With TeamSupport

Support’s a crucial function, whether you’re supporting customers who buy from your company or you need to provide internal support within your organization. You have to be sure that, if there’s a problem, you can get everyone working and satisfied quickly, as poor support can lead to dissatisfied customers or lost productivity. TeamSupport is a web app that aims to improve internal and external support processes by serving as a centralized help desk that makes it easier for people to submit problems and get speedy responses.
Not every situation requires a call to tech support staff. TeamSupport provides a customer portal that includes a knowledge base that makes it easy for someone with a problem to look up an answer, rather than waiting on on a response for support. Of course, TeamSupport also allows for support ticket submissions, along with ticket management, so that support staff can handle any issues that a search of the knowledge base can’t address. More advanced features, including live chat, are available as add-ons.
TeamSupport puts a major emphasis on communication, making it as easy as possible to not only track tickets but to talk to the people submitting those tickets. Customers who need support are organized into a database automatically, making it  possible to provide ongoing help to those who need it (as well as track issues against the customers who report them). For teams responsible for providing internal support, TeamSupport also offers communication tools to help simplify the support process. A wiki and other collaboration features make it easy for your support staff to stay up-to-speed on potential problems.
The app is available in three different editions, with prices ranging from $15 to $35 per month per user, going from from a package meant for small teams that need a step up from spreadsheet to manage support issues up to an edition that allows users to closely track tickets, bugs and more.
TeamSupport offers its own support portal, providing in-depth information for users interested in getting a closer look. If nothing else, it’s a great example of company eating its own dog food.