A Quarter Of The Kindle Top 100 Owe Their Success To ‘Sunshine Deals’

As we wrote earlier today, Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle’s Sunshine Deals promotion is already shaking up the Kindle bestseller list. How much? We looked at the top 100 books on the paid bestseller list today, and found that 30 of the titles are currently part of the Sunshine Deals promotion. And the vast majority of those — 80 percent, or 24 books — were not Kindle bestsellers before the promotion began.
Some other interesting factoids on those 30 titles:
Over half are priced at $0.99.
[dataset id=”559894″]
Chicago publisher Sourcebooks and digital content company Open Road Integrated Media, in particular, have benefited from the promotion.
[dataset id=”559894″]
Mystery/Thriller is the most popular genre among the Sunshine Deals books, followed by Romance. (No wonder Open Road wants to publish more mystery e-books.)
[dataset id=”559894″]
Note: Since Amazon’s bestseller lists are updated hourly, some of these numbers may shift slightly. They are current as of the middle of this afternoon.
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