Today in Cloud

As expected, Steve Jobs announced Apple‘s iCloud service today and reiterated the company’s commitment to making this service succeed where earlier attempts such as MobileMe had not. Rich Miller at DataCenterKnowledge quotes Jobs as saying “If you don’t think we’re serious about this, you’re wrong.” Apple’s rhetoric is strongly pushing their cloud-based service as the hub for customer computing, with VentureBeat’s Sean Ludwig also quoting Jobs; “‘We’re going to demote the PC and the Mac to just be a device,’ Jobs said. ‘We’re going to move your hub, the center of your digital life, into the cloud.'” Parts of the service — including automated downloading of purchases from one iOS device to any others that you own — are live now, with the rest rolling out later this year. The whole proposition is clearly aimed at consumers, but enterprises and their employees use Apple kit too, and it will be intriguing to see how Apple’s latest offering will be fitted into existing enterprise policies and workflows.