Mac App Store is a big success

At the WWDC Keynote on Monday, Phil Schiller went through a few facts about the success of the App Store. In the six months it has been open, the Mac App Store (s aapl) has become the number one channel for purchasing Mac software, surpassing even big retail stores such as Best Buy (s bby), Walmart (s wmt) and Target (s tgt).

Facts and figures.

Schiller also mentioned a few examples of how the Mac App Store has benefited developers. Autodesk, the company behind the SketchBook apps, has seen over a million new users since entering the App Store. Pixelmator, the low-cost Photoshop alternative, has seen a quadrupling of its revenue in the past six months. The Pixelmator app made $1 million in the first 20 days of being available in the App Store — at $30 a piece, that’s over 30,000 new users just in the first 20 days.¬†As Schiller said, the Mac App Store has been a “huge hit for the small players”.

New features

After running through the numbers, Schiller also talked about a few new features coming to the App Store in Lion. First was news that apps will now be able to use in-app purchase, in the same way as iOS apps already do. You will be able to purchase upgrades or add-ons from within the app itself using your iTunes account.
The other new feature is the inclusion of Push Notifications, again taking a page from the iOS book. Just as your iPhone can tell you when something happens with a sound or a message, so will your computer be able to. Think of it like Growl for Mac App Store apps.