Think iCloud is reactionary? Think again.

Updated. There’s some talk that iCloud and iOS 5 are examples of Apple playing catch-up with the competition from Google (s goog). Apple (s aapl) may have introduced some tricks that seem borrowed from Android, but iCloud, and Apple’s vision of how it will use broadband, has been a long time coming, according to this video of a much-less-guarded Steve Jobs delivering the closing keynote at Apple’s 1997 WWDC.
It’s a long video (over an hour) that merits a full watch if you haven’t seen it, but turn your attention specifically to around 16:30 to hear Jobs’ remarks about the future of computing, Gigabit Ethernet, and how “carrying around these non-connected computers [will seem] Byzantine.” Google may have gotten to the cloud first, but Apple’s had that bun in the oven for quite a while now.
Also be sure to check out Jobs’ comments around 12:00, when he discusses Apple’s image of being “different:”

If we can be much better without being different, that’d be fine with me.

Doubt Jobs is batting an eye at accusations of lifting from Android.