Behold The iCampus: Apple’s Jobs Unveils Plans For New Headquarters

Steve Jobs would like to keep Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) in Cupertino, unveiling plans last night at a city council meeting in California’s Silicon Valley for a new Apple headquarters building that could accommodate 12,000 people and that he thinks could set architectural standards.

The circular ring-like building just down the road from Apple’s current headquarters at One Infinite Loop would sit atop old apricot orchards long since devoured by companies like Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) for their own campuses. Apple bought a significant chunk of land from HP last year in order to round out its holdings in the area, and wants to transform the existing asphalt-dominated landscape into a parkland setting surrounding the four-story building.

Jobs compared the building itself to “a spaceship,” with curved glass making up the exterior wall. “This is not the cheapest way to build things,” he told council members, noting that Apple’s work on its own network of retail buildings around the world had given it substantial experience working with glass.

Around 2,600 people currently work at One Infinite Loop, but Apple has been renting buildings around that location for the last several years to accommodate its growing workforce, and apparently much of that rental stock is not up to Jobs’ standards. Apple wants to submit the formal plans this year, break ground next year, and hopefully move into the new building by 2015.

Here’s a video of Jobs’ presentation to the council, one day after he and several Apple executives unveiled the company’s latest software.