Netflix revamps website for more instant access

Netflix (s NFLX) relaunched its home page on Wednesday to put a bigger emphasis on its Watch Instantly online video offering. The site now features bigger cover art, and clicking on one of these pictures will directly play the associated video.

Previously, clicking on cover art led to the detail page with reviews and information about the movie. That page can now be accessed by clicking on the movie title in the info bubble that pops up when you mouse over the cover art.

Netflix Director of Product Management Michael Spiegelman said in a blog post that the goal of the redesign was to “make it easier for you to find something to watch instantly.” From his post:

“We’ve also made some changes to several pages on the site: adding more rows, and filling out the rows with more TV shows & movies, which you can find by hovering your mouse over the end of a row.”

However, it looks like not everyone agrees with the direction the company took for the relaunch. Most of the comments on the post are candidly negative, with one user musing that iPad-centered design decisions may have been to blame for some of the issues:

“It’s quite dazzling how much I hate the new look and feel of the Netflix site. It might be a great idea for people on tablets or PS3s (s sne) or dealing with remote controls for input, but for those of us who have keyboards and mice (or trackpads), you’ve just made navigating the site considerably slower.”

What’s your take on the redesign? Let us know in the comments!