Postagram pokes Facebook, friends Android

Sincerely, the San Francisco-based startup aimed at making it easy to get physical copies of the photos taken on mobile phones, is poised to get a lot bigger.

Postagram, the Sincerely product that allows users to send physical photo postcards directly from pictures on their phones, is now available for phones that use the Android (s goog) OS. Postagram for Android supports photos from the device as well as from Facebook. Sincerely also rolled out a 2.0 version of Postagram for iPhone (s aapl) on Thursday that supports photos from the iPhone device, Instagram and Facebook.

The Postagram app allows users to turn photos taken with their mobile phones into pop-out postcards with short, 140-character messages. For 99 cents including postage, Postagram will print and mail the postcards anywhere in the world.

At Postagram’s debut in April, the product could only be used on top of the Instagram application, which is exclusive to the iPhone. While Instagram is used by a valuable group of early adopters, Postagram is a product with a huge potential for mass appeal. With Postagram for Android and the added Facebook and device integrations to the iPhone app, the product is now accessible to a much wider audience.

Sincerely’s expansion onto other platforms is right in line with the larger company vision CEO Matt Brezina described to me in April. Brezina was emphatic that though Postagram 1.0 was built on top of the Instagram API, it was only the first of many multi-platform products Sincerely planned to roll out in the months ahead.

For 99 cents including postage, Postagrams are an amazingly easy way to send a small thoughtful “thinking of you” gift to, say, my mom. Now that Postagram is available beyond the realm of Instagram, my mom is much more likely to return the favor.

Watch my interview with Sincerely’s CEO Matt Brezina here: