Updated Mobile Lowdown 6-10-11: Apple v Lodsys; IDC Microsoft; LightSquared

A look at some of the big stories in mobile today: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) fights back on the Lodsys patent claims on developers, while getting exposed for allegedly doing a little infringing itself; IDC makes a bold Windows Phone 7 projection; more developments on the issue of LightSquared’s network interfering with GPS; and Google (NSDQ: GOOG) also looking at a competitor to BlackBerry Messenger?

Apple: The situation with Lodsys — a patent holder currently suing seven developers (and potentially more) that it claims are infringing on their patents in their Apple apps — is getting ever messier, with Apple now filing a motion to intervene in the lawsuit. More on this here.

Meanwhile, Apple is facing another claim on IP infringement, but one that doesn’t put the tech giant / design icon into such a positive light. The Register reports on one UK developer, Greg Hughes, who had an app rejected by Apple last year — only to see it reappear as the basis of Apple’s own iCloud service.

The original app (which coincidentally even had an icon similar to the one used by Apple) focussed on wirelessly synching a user’s iTunes music storage with a user’s iPhone or iPod. When Apple rejected the app, Hughes posted it to the biggest of the jailbroken app stores, Cydia, where it became a bestseller. It doesn’t appear that at this point Hughes is making any further claims on the IP. We have contacted Apple to get a response to the story and allegations.

Update: Apple has come back to mocoNews to say it is “not commenting” on the story.

IDC: Hard to know whether to take this as a big vote in favor of a Nokia/Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) partnership, or an even bigger cast of doubt on the usefulness of analyst forecasts. The analyst firm IDC, in its most recent projections on the smartphone industry, says that the Windows Phone operating system will be the fastest-growing mobile OS in the next four years, at a CAGR of 82.3 percent. By 2015, Windows Phone will be the second-largest OS, with a 20.3 percent market share, compared to Android’s 43.8 percent. A lot of that Windows Phone confidence comes from the boost the OS will have from Nokia (NYSE: NOK) using it in its devices, although a Nokia profit warning amid declining market share do make one wonder whether that alliance will be able to give WP7 the boost it needs.

LightSquared: More tests emerge that indicate that LightSquared’s 4G network is interfering with GPS signals.

Google: RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) could find itself fighting a two-front war on the BlackBerry Messenger front. In the same week that Apple has announced iMessage, a BBM-style messaging service for its iOS devices, it was revealed by the WSJ (via Electronista) that Google, too, has been working on a similar service for the Android platform.