Google Makes It Official, Buys Supply Side Platform Admeld

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has confirmed last week’s word that it was buying supply side platform Admeld, with Neal Mohan, Google VP of product management, saying in a blog post that it believes it can make display advertising simpler and more attractive to reluctant publishers. While Google and Admeld didn’t confirm the $400 million price tag Techcrunch quoted, the deal will likely spur greater activity on all segments of the display ad services side to get bigger more quickly.

It’s not clear how closely the Admeld acquisition, assuming it passes the usual regulatory approval process, will mirror the $70 million deal Google did just over a year ago for demand-side platform Invite Media.

In a sense, the purchase of Invite was meant to balance out Google’s Doubleclick for Publishers service. At the time, Google said it would keep Invite Media separate from its existing display business and open. “We fully intend for Invite Media to remain an open platform, a neutral product that is able to work with all exchanges, which we view as potential partners as well,” Mohan said at the time. “We do expect to integrate it with other parts of our display business, particularly DoubleClick for Advertisers.”

As far as anyone can tell, Google appears to have kept its word. “Of course, Admeld will continue to support other ad networks, demand side platforms, exchanges and ad servers, to yield the best possible results for publishers,” Mohan said in today’s Google blog post. In the interim, Admeld says it will continue business as usual.