Next Week is Structure Week!

Next week is Structure week at GigaOM, when the cloud computing industry will converge on San Francisco to talk about all things cloud. The folks at GigaOM are busily preparing for panels and keynotes, and GigaOM Pro is lining up some great cloud content for our subscribers, including a report on the state of cloud computing from our own senior cloud curator, Derrick Harris.

Besides Derrick’s report, there will be plenty of other ways to get your fill of GigaOM Pro next week. ¬†Cloud curator Paul Miller will be in town, participating both on panels, mixing in the halls, and stopped by the GigaOM Pro booth. ¬† Make sure to grab Paul and say hi. We’ll also be doing some on-stage interviews with Paul and Derrick, as well as GigaOM Pro member analyst Bernard Golden, and I, Mike Wolf, will be running our Latin America cloud opportunity panel.

Lastly, the Pro team will be hanging out at the GigaOM Pro booth and at the cocktail events, so we’d love to chat about GigaOM Pro or anything else on your mind. We are always looking to hear from our subscribers about what we can do better (as well as what we are doing right), so make sure to swing by the Pro booth and say hi.