IPG’s Initiative Merges Digital, Innovations and Amphibian Groups

Interpublic Group’s Initiative is continuing to try to find the right structure for its approach to interactive and has unveiled a reorg of its three separate Digital, Innovations (creative) and Amphibian (broadcast/video) units into one, under the Innovations’ head, Dave Rosner, in the new position of EVP, director of digital & innovations.

In addition to his new role, Rosner will continue to head the Innovations unit nationally, while adding responsibility for the agency’s Digital team on the east coast. Meanwhile, the Amphibian unit will focus more on digital video content extending from TV. Amphibian was previously part of the firm’s broadcast group. Drew Corry, amphibian’s head, as well as digital account lead in New York, Michael Winter and Jen Lyons, will each now report to Rosner, as will VP of innovations Tiffany Wagner.

The restructuring reflects a wider effort of the major agencies to “break down the silos” among disciplines, especially between broadcast and digital.