Why Instagram works

You might have seen me post about San Francisco-based photo sharing service, Instagram way more than any of the newer mobile apps and services. It is because I am quite fond of the service and to it represents a unique way of thinking about mobile apps. It is also one of the applications that is built around the idea of “engagement” and they have the possibility of creating a new attention-centric monetization model.

In a few months, the company has managed to get over 5 million members and that growth hasn’t slowed down at all. Often people ask me why Instagram works. This comment that was left in response to one of photos I shared on Instagram. Instagram member @dl (DL Willson) succinctly explains why Instagram works and why it competitors have their work cut out.

Gotta say I am glad that Instagram has allowed all the moments like this one from all over the world. & with a handful of simple quick filters they understood better than other sites, photographs are almost always personal & emotional & mixing/giving the artist in everyone a chance to re-augment life with the same unseen emotion ..serendipity and meaning that can’t just be done in verbal description. They created something kinetic and wholly new to the Internet. IMHO

That comment also sums up why Instagram has a chance of becoming the mobile social hub.

Here is a video interview with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.