Egnyte adds easy file sharing to Windows, Mac OS X and Outlook

Egnyte, a file management, sharing and backup system I wrote about last fall, has been updated, and has added several ways to simplify accessing and sharing files in the cloud.

The company now offers add-ons for Windows Explorer (s msft) and the Mac OS X Finder (s aapl) that allow users to right-click (or control-click) on a file and be offered the opportunity to send or share that file directly from the desktop, as part of Version 6.0 of Egnyte’s Personal Local Cloud application. An Outlook plugin with the ability to share files as links or attachments is also available. In addition, Egnyte includes the ability for enterprise IT departments to enforce limits on file sharing and other security policies.

Egnyte positions itself as “Dropbox for the enterprise,” since it provides secure means of allowing workers to access their files while giving IT departments the control and security they need. The Egnyte “Local Cloud” service that synchronizes on-site and cloud storage is also popular in enterprises.

The folks at Egnyte told me that their product is becoming increasingly popular in large, 1,000+ person operations where mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous. In fact, in a recent study, up to 40 percent of the access to Egnyte’s service came from mobile sources, with the iPad being the single most popular device. Egnyte’s mobile apps are proving very popular, with more capabilities and other platforms coming soon.

The “Dropbox for the enterprise” space is getting more crowded, with the likes of Accellion and also offering enterprise-friendly secure file sharing and backup features. Egnyte will be hoping these updates help to keep it up with the pack.

The service is available at several price levels, and a 15-day free trial is available.