Apple Extends Its Trademark Suit To Samsung’s Home Ground Of Korea

No surprise here: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has upped the ante in its allegations against Samsung copying its designs and has filed a trademark infringement suit in South Korea, where Samsung is headquartered. The news comes just days after Samsung got faced with a setback in the U.S., when a judge denied Samsung a court mandate to be able to view unreleased Apple products as part of its defense preparations.

The most recent court action, filed in the Seoul Central District Court on June 22, according to Bloomberg, makes similar accusations to the complaints that Apple has issued in the U.S.

Part of these include allegations that the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone stole its design from the iPhone, in particular the iPhone 3 model.

In the U.S. case, not only has Samsung been dealt a blow of sorts when it was denied court-mandated access to Apple’s newest products, but Apple itself has been beefing up its original complaint in the meantime, with a new version featuring significantly more detail than the first complaint filed back in April.

Samsung has been no slouch in this legal slugfest, either: just days after Apple first filed its complaints in the U.S., Samsung filed suits in Europe and South Korea, and in May also filed a suit against Apple in the U.S., alleging patent infringement over radio technology.

Apple earlier this week was finally granted a long-held request for a patent on touchscreens — although some believe it may get contested, partly based on the fact that touchscreens existed before Apple rolled out its first portable devices.

Given that the Samsung and Apple work closely as well as compete — Samsung is a key supplier to Apple for its mobile products — we may ultimately see these complaints settling out of court. But currently, given what looks like Apple’s leading position in at least the trademark case in the U.S., it might be Apple that nets a win here, a different outcome from its result with Nokia the other week.