File sync service Soonr gets team-based collaboration features

It seems that the team at cloud file sync and backup company Soonr have been busy. Last month, we wrote about Soonr’s iPad app, which brings cloud-based MS Office (s msft) document editing to the device. The company has now launched Soonr Teaming to add team-based collaborative features to the service. Users can form teams to work together virtually and access and edit files from anywhere. Members can be assigned to projects to create these Project Teams, while users can grant file permissions to the individuals in each team. Subscribing to the company’s overall collaboration offering, Soonr Workplace provides cloud-based collaboration, file backup and storage, and the ever-convenient mobile access.

You can download Soonr via iTunes (s aapl) or from the Android Market (s goog) and subscriptions come with a 30-day free trail. Prices have increased slightly since we last covered the service, but the company has added the new collaboration features and more storage space. Premium accounts are now $9.95 per month for three users with 25 GB of storage (a price increase of $2 per month, but providing 15 GB more storage), while Soonr Pro is $29.95 per month for five users and 100 GB of storage (a price increase of $10 per month, but 60 GB more storage). You can also now customize the Pro service to include more storage space or more users and the site instantly calculates your monthly cost.

Soonr supports Mac and Windows, and a variety of mobile devices including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry (s rimm). You can also access Soonr via your iPad or an Android (Honeycomb) tablet.