Hipmunk knows you’re addicted to the web

Hipmunk, the hot flight-finding service whose user experience has launched a thousand blog posts, has added in-flight Wi-Fi as a new metric for travelers. So now, when I’m searching for one-stop, on-time flights between Austin and San Francisco, I know which ones offer Wi-Fi (none do). Sure, this is an indication of how deep the web has sunk its talons into us, but that ship has sailed (or perhaps that flight has taken off), and working while on flights has become pretty much the standard in many offices.

So viva the in-flight Wi-Fi indicators, and let’s get JetBlue on board with this trend. Also, for those who travel often and have a Boingo subscription, check out their deal with GoGo Internet. Now on flights offered by American Airlines, Delta, Alaska Airlines, U.S. Airways and others, Boingo users can get online using their Boingo log in, though they can’t pay Boingo prices. In-flight Wi-Fi is still a luxury item, it seems.