T-Mobile UK Changes Its Outlook On Unlimited Data

Earlier this year, T-Mobile UK announced then reversed plans to slash its 3Gb/1Gb monthly data allowance to a paltry 500Mb.

Now it’s sorted out a proper response and is committing to a new “truly unlimited” offer to new and existing customers who take out a 24-month contract costing £25.54 a month or more.

This is a smart and obvious move – high-data customers are amongst a carrier’s best. For T-Mobile customers peeved by the data reduction, which would still have affected out-of-contract customers, Three’s rolling monthly plan with unlimited data for £25 per month looked like a good option upon leaving T-Mobile.

Disclosure: I am a T-Mobile UK Android customer and find the signal to be terrible, frequently blacking out to zero in buildings, which is often when you need it most.