Video: 3D Ads On The iPad, For Samsung Of All Brands. iAd Not Included

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has promoted iAd advertisements as “Rich, Captivating Ads that Keep Users in Your Apps,” but there are others that are pushing the envelope on the iOS ad-game, too. Today, the agency Starcom Mediavest, working with inMobi and Cooliris, launched a new ad that it claims is the first “3D iPad ad” on the market. And the advertiser? None other than Apple’s current trademark nemesis: Samsung.

The ad, which is now live on the TV Guide iPad app in the UK, will eventually also make its way to other markets, as well as other devices, including the iPhone as well as Android handsets. A spokesperson for inMobi will not give an exact value for the campaign, except to say that it is a six-figure deal.

Given that Apple was silent on any iAd updates during the recent WWDC, and has reportedly had trouble getting advertisers to buy into its platform, it looks like others are starting to pick up the baton on innovative mobile advertising on the platform. The rich media ad uses technology from Cooliris that employs, in the words of inMobi, “innovative lighting, shading, parallax and motion effects” to create 3D-like, interactive experience.

It’s ironic, and perhaps not a coincidence, that the product being advertised on the iPad, a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, is in the same line of Samsung products that Apple is now attacking in courts from California to Korea for ripping off its own design innovations. That fight got another escalation the other day when Samsung filed a request at the ITC for a ban on Apple imports to the U.S.

The spokesperson for inMobi tells us this Samsung campaign is currently running on iPad only “as the 3D ads currently require the more powerful capabilities of the iPad.” He adds that advances in the InMobi-Cooliris technology will enable 3D ads to appear on other iOS products, as well as Android tablets and handsets, by Q3/Q4 2011. Additional regional markets will also be added at that time.

See the video for yourself below.