Mobile Lowdown 7-1-11: TouchPad; China Mobile TV; Papaya Mobile; Path

A look at some of the big stories in mobile today:

TouchPad: Dethroning Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) as the king of the tablet market is not HP’s primary goal with it launches its new TouchPad tablet, says Richard Kerris, its VP of developer relations; it’s about the wider consumer electronics market. Ironically, another source predicts that Apple is set to become the top notebook vendor in 2012 if you count tablets along with laptops and other portable computing devices. (via The Loop and Digitimes)

iPad: There are now over 100,000 apps for the Apple iPad — either made specifically or optimized to be used across all iOS devices. (via Macstories)

China: State broadcaster CCTV and China Mobile have signed a deal for a new mobile TV service, due to launch on September 30. (Xinhua via Donews)

Papaya Mobile: More news on China. Games company Papaya Mobile has launched a new “Gateway to China” platform that lets Western Android games developers easily port their games to China. Features include local billing, marketing/distribution facilities and other localization features. (via Papaya Mobile)

Path: The mobile social network Path has launched an Android app. It has up to now built up its business via its app on Apple’s App Store. (via Path)

Nokia: The company yesterday closed down its online stories in the UK and U.S., part of a larger plan to streamline distribution services and cut costs. (via MyNokiaBlog)