Buy, wait or skip: What’s your plan for OS X Lion?

OS X Lion (s aapl) is set to arrive sometime this month, and new reports suggest that it could be here as soon as next Wednesday at 9 AM. Apple has the advantage of being able to “ship” much more simply this time around, since Lion is only going to be distributed via the Mac App Store, so it makes sense that we’d see a release follow more closely the most recent stable developer build. But now that it’s almost here, do you think you’ll actually buy it?

Lion has some quirks that not everyone will love. Exclusive digital distribution is one, since bandwidth or connection concerns might not sit well with some. Also, Lion doesn’t appear to offer any way for people to do a clean install, unless they use a Snow Leopard disk first and then re-install Lion after that. Finally, the requirements will leave early Intel Mac owners out of the party.

On the other hand, Lion offers some significant improvements to core apps like Mail, Contacts and Calendar, and new features like Resume, Auto Save, Versions and AirDrop show a lot of promise. Plus users who’ve made the jump from iOS to their first Mac will find the operating environment a lot more familiar. And you’d be amazed at what fullscreen apps can do for your ability to focus on the task at hand.

I’ve got all my Macs running Snow Leopard, so I’m definitely going to upgrade, since it’ll only cost me $29 to get each on 10.7. I’ll probably do it on day one, too. But will you be joining me, waiting a while to see how Lion pans out, or skipping this OS altogether?

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