ShareFile offers enterprise-friendly file sharing features

There are a huge number of apps file sharing apps available including, Minus, FileShareHQ and Accellion. Another option in this very crowded market that is billed as being “exclusively focused on small business/enterprise features” is ShareFile.

ShareFile is worth checking out if you’re looking for a business-oriented file-sharing service, as it offers many features that you’d find in most of the other file sharing services, plus a few that won’t be found with more consumer-oriented solutions:

Security, user and file management

  • Files transmitted and stored with encryption
  • Tracking and alerts to confirm that clients have received files
  • Granular folder-level permissions
  • Bulk load client users from Outlook (s msft) or spreadsheet
  • Activity reports showing who uploaded and downloaded files and when

File access and transfer

  • Upload individual files up to 10 GB
  • FTPS over SSL transfers, compatible with traditional FTP clients
  • Map a local drive letter to ShareFile account
  • Automatic resume of interrupted transfers
  • Access via the web, an Outlook plugin, and through desktop, iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog) apps
  • API and command-line tools
  • File versioning
  • Full-text search
  • Ability to request file copies on DVD or hard drives
  • Ability to send a DVD or hard drive for initial population of files


  • Custom branding
  • Tools for your website, including a login widget and an upload form

Not all of the above features are available with all pricing plans.

ShareFile told me how one of its customers, a worldwide restaurant chain, uses the service to make creative materials available to their franchisees. The same customer’s HR department uses ShareFile to send sensitive employment documents.

The company boasts data centers on the U.S. East and West Coasts, as well as in Ireland and Singapore, but provides telephone and email help from a U.S.-based support staff.

ShareFile is available in several pricing plans, ranging from $29.95 a month for two employee accounts and 5GB of storage, to $499.95 per month for 150 accounts and 150GB of storage. All plans include unlimited client users. A 30-day trial is available.