Infographic: Apple Tops The Charts In Europe For Mobile Ads, Says InMobi

The pull of Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) in mobile is undeniable, with the brand regularly leading brand surveys and the term fanboy all but synonymous with its products. Today, some stats out from the mobile advertising network InMobi shows just how much the company’s products get used for advanced mobile data services compared to other devices. On the strength of just three products — the iPhone, iPod and iPad — Apple ranks as the most popular maker on the company’s mobile ad network in Europe, beating out companies that in unit terms have much bigger market shares, like Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Samsung.

The data, compiled in the month of May, charts ad impressions on the InMobi ad network, which says that it serves 35.7 billion monthly mobile advertising impressions worldwide, with 3.8 billion of those in Europe.

InMobi notes that a lot of the growth for Apple, which now has a 19.5 percent share of the market (a rise of 6.3 percent over the past three months), was led by ad impressions on the iPad. The tablet had 80 million impressions during the month in the region, making it the sixth most-popular mobile device in Europe.

Android’s share has gone down by 6.1 percent in the past three months, although it still remains the biggest mobile platform in terms of ad requests — that is, taking all Android handset makers’ impressions collectively. And iPhone still remains the single most popular device.

“Smart devices,” InMobi’s term for smartphones and tablets together, now account for six out of every 10 mobile ads served in Europe on its network. We’ve asked the company to provide more information on how that compares to global statistics on its network and will update this as we learn more.

More details in the infographic below: