Google Hopes To Widen Google+ Mobile Circle With iOS App

Your move, Apple: Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has submitted an iPhone application for its new Google+ social-networking service to the App Store where it is awaiting approval, according to a Google employee. If Google+ is to reach its full potential once Google opens the registration floodgates, that application will be essential.

Apple’s approval process for iPhone and iPad applications is a bit of a black box, but Erica Joy, a Google employee, wrote a public post on her Google+ feed over the holiday weekend that Google had submitted a iPhone version of the application to Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). It’s not clear if an iPad version was also built: Joy used “iPhone” to refer to iOS in general in the comments of her post but also said she hadn’t used the application.

Google launched an Android application for Google+ last week alongside its debut, but at the moment the Google+ experience is only available through an iPhone or iPad’s mobile browser, which leaves a little to be desired. Google+ is still in an invitation-only mode that Google has referred to as “field testing,” so the lack of an iPhone app isn’t a huge obstacle to growth, but given that so many of those early testers are likely iOS users, the sooner Google gets something up and running on iOS, the better for Google+.