New $30 Million Funding Round For Tapjoy’s Mobile Marketing Biz

Tapjoy will soon have additional funding with which to recruit more non-iOS developers. It has received another $30 million, according to reports, showing that interest remains in its app-marketing business model despite having angered the Big Kahuna of mobile apps in Apple.

Several reports emerged Tuesday based on interviews with Tapjoy CEO Mihir Shah that Tapjoy plans to announce a $30 million round of funding on Wednesday. Fifty-two people are listed on the employee section of the company, which helps mobile application developers market their wares through advertising within other games and apps and received $21 million in funding earlier this year.

A few months ago Tapjoy’s hand was slapped by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), which decided to prohibit app developers that used Tapjoy’s services from submitting updates to the App Store. Apple appeared to dislike Tapjoy’s practice of placing advertisement that encourage game players to download a client’s application in exchange for virtual credits inside that game. Those downloads would help get Tapjoy’s clients onto Apple’s most-downloaded application lists, helping to get around the discovery problem presented byt the 425,000 applications in the App Store.

Still, the company is profitable, according to the reports, and Tapjoy has begun recruiting Android developers into its fold.