Update To Bing iPad App Lets Users ‘Lasso’ Search Terms

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) may be the default Web search experience on the iPad, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is willing to concede any ground. A new feature from Bing lets iPad users use a novel gesture to generate Web searches within the Bing application.

Called Lasso, the new feature will be available later today from the App Store as part of an update to the Bing iPad application. It’s a simpler take on Apple’s copy-paste method in iOS, requiring the user to hit the Lasso button then simply draw a circle around the text they wish to highlight when reading a news article inside the Bing application. Lifting a finger away from the screen then generates a Bing search for that term.

It’s definitely an easier way to search the Web for something than copying the text with the native iOS function and switching from the Bing app to the mobile browser to enter the search term, or to go back to the Bing app’s home page to conduct a Web search through the application. Will it convince more people to use Bing on the iPad than Google? Perhaps not as the default search engine in the browser, but it could convince more people to give the Bing application a try.