Amazon launches pet e-commerce site

The team behind has made a new e-commerce site aimed at the other baby in the American household: the family pet.

Quidsi, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMZN), is announcing Wednesday the launch of, an e-commerce site selling pet-related products. Quidsi also runs,, and

Don’t be fooled by the name —’s offerings will go way beyond dog treats, marketing director Earl Gordon and site leader David Zhang told me in an interview this week. The site will launch with more than 10,000 products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and other small animals. The offerings will include mass and specialty branded food, litter, toys, vitamins and medicine, grooming supplies, clothing and accessories.

Quidsi was acquired by Amazon in November 2010, but the company has stayed at its original New Jersey headquarters and continues to be run as an independent subsidiary, Gordon and Zhang told me. However, Quidsi has taken on an attitude that befits a major corporation in at least one way: It divulges very little about its internal development. Zhang and Gordon declined to answer questions about exactly how long Quidsi had been actively working on the site. But they did say that Quidsi’s customers have been asking the company to develop a pet supply site since launched in 2005, and once’s development started, the team quickly saw similarities between the two sites. “When we started, we realized almost every category on has an allegory on,” Zhang said. “It’s so amazing to see the parallels between these two businesses.”

Like all of Quidsi’s sites, will only be available to shoppers within the United States. The company promises its orders will be delivered within 1-2 days, with free shipping on orders over $49 — and no surcharges or exclusions for heavy or bulky items–a plus when buying those 30-pound bags of food for Fido.