Namesake takes entrepreneurial networking mobile with iOS app

Social networking startup Namesake launched an iOS (s aapl) app Tuesday. The app brings Namesake, which we billed as “Facebook for the self-employed” back in September of last year, to Apple devices in a wrapper that’s much better suited for mobile access.

If you haven’t yet checked out Namesake, it’s essentially a kind of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn-like service built around user updates and networks, but aimed specifically at helping users connect in regards to career opportunities, information exchanges and sharing of professional expertise. It shares similarities with Quora and Sprouter, too, in that it recommends subject matter experts. But this new iOS app might provide an edge for Namesake, since it really is quite well designed.

I like that Namesake for iOS keeps thing simple. Once signed in (you can’t register from the app, unfortunately), you see your Happening Now stream, which includes conversations and other events. You can also view only conversations, mentions and your profile using the bottom app menu. A read post button in the middle of the bottom bar let’s you start a conversation quickly and easily. Everything looks good, and smooth transition animations and snappy performance in general show that this iOS app was no rush job.

If you haven’t yet checked out Namesake and you think it might prove useful, the introduction of this mobile app is a good reason to take a look.