Today in Cloud

A Microsoft executive’s answer to a question during the London launch of Office 365 last month has caused a bit of a storm. As Zack Whittaker reported for ZDNet, Microsoft “admitted” that the U.S. company might have to surrender European customer data if required to do so by U.S. law enforcement agencies invoking the USA PATRIOT Act. The problem, which is actually reasonably well known, is that the PATRIOT Act trumps the Safe Harbor agreements in place between the United States and Europe, and that normally provide a mechanism for U.S. companies to demonstrate their compliance with Europe’s tough data privacy laws. Jennifer Baker reports for Computerworld that the European Parliament is now getting involved, concerned that European data may be at risk. It is certainly true that the extreme powers of the PATRIOT Act could be used to sweep aside the Safe Harbor principles, and customers should be aware that it’s legally permissible. It’s also quite unlikely — unless you’re storing data in which U.S. law enforcement might have a legitimate anti-terror interest. Open and informed discussion of the issues is to be welcomed. Blind panic that — “suddenly” — the FBI will start reading European email? Less helpful.