No plans to kill the Blogger brand

A source familiar with Google’s Blogger division told us that contrary to web rumors, the search giant has no plans to send the Blogger brand on its way. Or to paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of Blogger’s death have been greatly exaggerated and re-tweeted.

A few days ago rumors surfaced that Google was going to retire Picasa and Blogger brands in lieu of Google Photos and Google Blogs. The rationale being that brand change allegedly was that Google was unifying its brands as it embarked on an ambitious Google+ social networking effort.

If true it was a confounding decision for Blogger perhaps is one of the strongest web brands even though it is more than a decade old. When I asked Google, they declined to comment.

Earlier today, I published the comments of Blogger founder Evan Williams (also the former CEO of Twitter) who told us:

Regarding the rumored Blogger name change: It’s kinda sad for me and those involved with Blogger, but I can see the argument why it makes sense for Google. The good news is, whatever the name, Blogger is getting better and is not going way. The saddest part is that the Blogger [b] logo, created by Derek Powazek (later refreshed by Doug Bowman) is one of the best web logos of all time. Hopefully they won’t get rid of that. 🙂

Yesterday, Blogger announced a massive overhaul of it interface.