Everyday Health Moves From Online To TV With Syndicated Series

Wellness news and info online network Everyday Health is getting its own TV program during the Saturday morning block following Good Morning America across most ABC (NYSE: DIS) local stations. The first show kicks off on Sept. 3 and could point the way for other online brands to expand to broadcast.

For the most, online brands, like Cnet, have served to lend their brands morning news segments, but not to actual TV series. With local broadcast struggling almost as badly as newspapers, and syndication producers looking for big hits now that Oprah is gone, a website that already draws a large audience seems like a safe bet.

Especially when it comes to that early Saturday time slot, which used to be the province of cartoons and other kid-friendly fare until cable outlets like Nickelodean and Cartoon Network offered the possibility of an endless array of “Saturday morning.” Since much of the programming at that hour serves as time for paid programming, the Everyday Health series is aimed at baby boomers and women who might be tuning in for something slightly more newsy.

The deal mainly a vote of confidence in Everyday Health’s ability to transfer some of its roughly 28 million monthly uniques to the TV. Everyday Health owns a portfolio of 25 online health sites, including its flagship, EverydayHealth.com, brand-friendly SouthBeachDiet.com and RevolutionHealth.com. The company was formed nearly three years ago when Waterfront Media merged with Steve Case’s Revolution Health Network.

Starting in September, the company’s main site will feature a dedicated area about the television program. Everyday Health co-founders, Ben Wolin, CEO, and Mike Keriakos, President, are co-producing. The half-hour show will run during the Litton’s Weekend Adventure three-hour “educational programming” block, which also includes Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown and Ocean Mysteries.

Ad sales for the Everyday Health program will be handled by its producer, Litton Entertainment, though it will be interesting to see if it will have an impact on the company’s display sales.