Anyone can turn Nook Color into an Android tablet for $35

When considering¬†which is the best tablet for you, one can’t help but consider the Barnes & Noble(s bks) Nook Color. Yes, the $249 device is an eReader, but it’s built on Google Android (s goog) and has¬†officially gained some tablet features recently, including access to a software store. Unofficially, the device supports custom software that makes it work like most any other Android 2.2 tablet, but for some, the process for this transformation may be too challenging. That’s where Nook2Android comes in, which Engadget notes, supports a simple dual-boot solution.

Nook2Android sells microSD cards in various storage capacities, starting at $35 for an 8 GB card. The memory card isn’t blank though. Instead, it already has all of the files needed to turn the eReader into an Android tablet. That’s perfect for non-techies, because it’s just a matter of buying the card, inserting it into the Nook Color and then powering on the e-reader. Bam! You’ve got an Android tablet without needing to download or install any software!

Tech-savvy folks will surely pass on such a product, but it’s actually a relatively cheap and simple method for others to get more functionality out of the Nook Color. The latest version of the Nook2Android cards, launched earlier this month,¬†have the files for both the standard Nook operating system as well as the Android tablet image. That means the memory card can simply stay in the device and users can choose which mode they want upon boot up. Prior to this, you’d have to remove the Nook2Android card from the Nook Color to use it in its standard e-reader mode.