Google’s Q2 by the numbers: all the other stuff

Google (s GOOG) released its second-quarter financials on Thursday, hitting its first quarter with more than $9 billion in revenue. But on a call with financial analysts, it gave a whole bunch of nonfinancial metrics for how its various businesses are growing.

In no particular order, here are the numbers about all the other stuff that various Google execs dropped over the course of its earnings call.

Google+ and social:

  • More than 10 million Google+ users
  • More than 1 billion items shared and received each day
  • 2.3 billion +1 clicks each day


  • 550,000 Android devices activated every day
  • 135 million Android devices activated in total, up from 100 million at the start of the year
  • 6 billion apps downloaded from the Android Market


  • 3 billion daily video views
  • 100 million viewers of the Royal Wedding on YouTube
  • Over one-third of all YouTube’s in-stream ads are in its new skippable format

Other areas:

  • Voice search is up 6 times
  • 40 million songs were recorded on the Les Paul Google doodle