Today in Social

You’re not likely to have missed the hype surrounding Spotify‘s U.S. launch today. It finally signed the last of the big four record labels yesterday. Today Spotify starts selling its premium music services: unlimited on-demand streaming to a PC for $5/month, or a $10 version that supports mobile access and offline listening. Its ad-supported free service is invitation-only. I’m not as excited about Spotify as the hypesters. Rhapsody, Napster, Rdio and MOG offer similar services and may also get some special Facebook treatment that Spotify is promising but doesn’t have yet. There’s a limited market among serious music fans (perhaps 5-7 million) for premium celestial jukeboxes. And one of Spotify’s tickets to European success was upselling from its free offering, which has had its hours cut back and won’t be widely available in the U.S. initially. But Spotify’s certainly getting enough buzz and rave reviews that it won’t have to spend all of its recently raised $100 million on advertising.