Socialcam hits 1M downloads, makes it easier to find friends’s Socialcam might be taking an early lead in the video sharing app space, as it has notched a million downloads on the Apple App Store. (s AAPL) But the app isn’t stopping there — recent releases are aimed at making it easier for users to login, find friends within the app and share videos to even more possible distribution points.

The team continues to add features to the Socialcam iPhone app, including more login options and more places to share videos. It used to be that to use the app, you would be forced to use Facebook Connect to login, but now users can also login with a Twitter account or even create a Socialcam account that is separate from their Facebook identity.

When it launched, connecting a user’s identity through Facebook was one of the key tenets of the app. The folks wanted to reduce the number of possible spammy accounts that showed up, while also ensuring it got some of the network effect of sharing through the social network. But VP of marketing Matt DiPietro told me in an interview that not everyone wanted to tie the account to his or her Facebook identity, so this was changed to give users more options. Along those lines, it’s also added an easier way to find friends through Facebook, Twitter and a users address book.

In addition to more login option, the latest version of the app also has more distribution points for users to share their videos with. In addition to Facebook, Twitter and email, the company has added the ability to share on their Posterous and Tumblr accounts, as well as saving to DropBox.

Finally, the app also has an improved Activity Feed, which allows users to see all the activity that’s happening in their stream, including comments and “likes” by friends. And it now has the ability to crop videos, so that users can share only the moments that matter with their friends.

Download milestones can be tricky for mobile applications: after all, there are many users (like myself) that will download an app, try it out once or twice and never look at it again. But Socialcam appears to actually be connecting with users, based on stats that DiPietro shared with me. The app counts about 330,000 active users a month — and that’s just in-app use. It doesn’t count video views that happen on Facebook or even on the Socialcam website.

Since launching in March, Socialcam has seen some serious competition crop up, with a number of new mobile apps aimed at sharing video on social networks. In recent months, BlipSnips, Tout, Viddy, Vlix, Vloggo and most recently Vibop have all emerged in an effort to become the “Instagram of Video” on mobile devices.