Gui:Config makes tweaking Firefox advanced settings a snap

Firefox is a very customizable browser. As well as add-ons, it has a large number of advanced settings that you can tweak, some of which enable you to do pretty useful things like stopping Firefox from switching into “Work Offline” mode if your Internet connection drops. Firefox’s advanced preferences page is accessed by entering “about:config” into the location bar and hitting return. However, the problem with that page is that there’s no information about what each setting actually does, and the user interface isn’t easy to figure out for less technical folks, either. Gui:Config is an add-on that provides a  simple interface for many of the most-tweaked about:config settings via a familiar options-style window. It makes it much easier to change the settings that can normally only be found in the about:config screen.

Once installed, you can access Gui:Config via Tools > Advanced Settings … The options are organized under two tabs: Accessibility and Browser. Under Accessibility, you have settings for Mouse Behavior, Awesomebar, Websites, Session Restore and Miscellaneous. Under Browser you get settings for Browser Cache, Websites, Extensions, Bookmarks and Security and Privacy. Each setting is adjusted via checkboxes and drop-down menus. Helpfully, hovering your mouse pointer over any of the options provides a short description of what it does in a pane at the bottom of the window.

The organization of Gui:Config’s options window may take a little while to get used to, and it doesn’t provide access to all of Firefox’s advanced settings, but it does make tweaking many commonly-used settings really easy. If you need to adjust any other settings, you can still get to the regular about:config page.

Gui:Config can be downloaded from the Firefox add-ons repository. It’s compatible with Firefox version 3.5 to 5.

(via Ghacks)