Facebook’s iPad App Revealed In New iPhone App Version

Facebook may be closer to launching its new iPad app after code for the app was spotted in the latest release of its iPhone application. And it looks like it is shaking up its iOS design philosophy with a new look-and-feel based around a left-hand navigation bar.

Techcrunch figured out a way to unlock the new application on a jailbroken iPad by fiddling around with the code shipped along with a recent update to the Facebook iPhone app, and anyone willing to risk voiding their warranty by following suit can obtain the new app. For a company with 750 million users and one of the more popular iPhone applications in Apple’s App Store, Facebook sure has taken its sweet time releasing an application tailored for the iPad: you can of course use the iPhone application on the iPad, but it’s a waste of the screen size and capabilities of the tablet.

The first iPad-optimized Facebook app will use a navigation bar on the left-hand-side of the app, rather than a menu hidden behind the news feed as is the case with the iPhone app. A new window will pop up over the main screen when you want to post a status update or upload something, and the new app also works in the redesigned chat system Facebook unveiled a couple of weeks ago.

No clues were revealed as far as the actual release of the app, which is probably dependent on Apple’s review schedule anyway. But it likely won’t be too long.