Attach sticky notes to any web page with Syncpad Webnotes

Long-time WebWorkerDaily readers will probably know that I’m a big fan of Simplenote, a cloud-based service that enables users to sync notes across different clients on various platforms. It’s a popular service and has an open API, so developers have created many useful third-party add-ons for it. One such useful add-on is Syncpad Webnotes, a Chrome (s goog) extension that enables you to attach virtual “sticky notes” to any web page that can be synchronized across different browsers through a Simplenote account.

Syncpad Webnotes is actually an add-on for yet another Chrome extension, Syncpad for Simplenote; if you want to install Syncpad Webnotes you must first first install Syncpad (which is a full-featured plain text client for Simplenote). Once you’ve installed both extensions and set up Syncpad with your Simplenote account credentials, you can add sticky notes to any web page by clicking Webnotes’ icon next to the address bar; notes ca be repositioned on the page by dragging and dropping. Sticky notes are automatically synchronized to your Simplenote account and so will also appear other machines that you’ve installed Webnotes on. You can also access these notes in other Simplenote clients; Webnotes just adds a specially-formatted line to the each note to identify that it is a Webnotes sticky note and tell it where to position the note on the page. As a simple way to add contextual notes to a web page, Syncpad Webnotes works really well.

Syncpad Webnotes requires a free Simplenote account.

(via Addictive Tips)