File sharing service moves to

Simple drag-and-drop file sharing service Minus, which I wrote about a couple of months ago, has acquired the domain name. will be used as the service’s primary domain going forward, rather than, which was used previously and was thought to be a little confusing. Users who prefer the old domain or who have it bookmarked shouldn’t worry, however, as the domain will also continue to work as before, and all existing links will continue to work properly. As it’s shorter, will still be used to provide shortlinks to galleries.

As well as moving to the new domain, the team at Minus has been busy adding new features to the service and updating its apps. For example, a recent update to the desktop app updated its look and feel and also included a nifty new screenshot tool, which enables users to take screenshots (either full screen or a region) and upload them to their Minus account, while the Android app has gained the ability to preview plain text and PDF documents.

Minus is free. As well as through the website, files can be uploaded and accessed via a desktop client (available for Windows (s msft), Mac (s aapl) and Linux); mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7; and browser extensions for Chrome (s goog) and Firefox.