QMx brings function to the movie tie-in app

In the increasingly crowded mobile-app space, promotional apps are easily ignored: apps you might download and forget about a few days later, remembering them only to delete them later on. QMx Interactive would like to change all of that, and it began this past spring with its Super 8 movie tie-in app for iOS (s aapl).

I had a chance to talk to CEO Andy Gore at Comic-Con this week about the company’s foray into the mobile space and got a sneak peek at some upcoming surprises QMx has in store for sci-fi fans.

Gore noted that with the Super 8 app, both QMx and production company Bad Robot wanted the same thing: an app that could stand alone. The goal was to make something useful, not a simple tie-in app that users would download and quickly discard.

He said the company wanted to up the experience from the Super 8 app, and it may have done just that; he gave me an exclusive peek at a demo tie-in for the popular SyFy series Warehouse 13. Designed for iOS devices from the iPhone 3GS and up, the app will turn the device into a Farnsworth look-alike, the steampunk-ish audio-visual communications device well-known to fans of the show. Users can record messages and send them to one another just like the characters on the show.

QMx has a reputation with sci-fi and fantasy fans as creators of replicas with an incredible attention to detail, and it was apparent in the demo Gore showed me. He said:

If we can make an app that makes video communication useful and ties in the property, then we’ve achieved our goal. The Warehouse 13 people have been great to work with. It’s important to work with a company who is just as enthusiastic as we are about the app and the show or movie it’s tied to.

As with the Super 8 app, Gore promises undocumented features that are sure to delight fans of the show.