Web work: the cure for summer slacking?

Last week, a massive heat wave rolled into the East Coast, pushing temperatures past 100. Among the results: overtaxed utilities, sweaty commutes, loosened ties and lots and lots of cubicle warriors parked at their desks daydreaming of being at the beach instead.

With the arrival of summer weather, it’s natural for workers’ minds to turn to enjoying the sunshine and their attention to drift a bit from spreadsheets, sales targets and the like. So what’s the cure for this summer slacking? The Chicago Tribune tackles this seasonal worry facing managers each year and comes up with a list of suggestions. Primary among them is an increase in web work.

Reporter Jan Weigel speaks to Bryant Rice, director of business consultancy DEGW, who suggests that rather than fight against your employees’ urge to flee the office, managers should let them listen to their impulses:

Because of technology people can work from wherever they want, and we encourage this for worker productivity. Ten percent of the people might abuse this and not do the work, but 90 percent will do it and be happy about doing it remotely.

We see that employees will actually do more when they are not in the office because they don’t want the boss to doubt they are working. Very few people will abuse this privilege because they view it as a perk.

Are you more thankful for the flexibility of web work in the summer months?

Image courtesy Flickr user jan chill