Mobile Lowdown 8-2-11: Microsoft/Nokia, Skype iPad, Android Security

Here’s a look at some of the top stories in mobile today:

Microsoft/Nokia (NYSE: NOK) event: The two Windows Phone 7 partners are inviting the media to a special event at Gamescon in Germany later this month, which could be a preview of the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices. (The Unwired)

Android trojan: Android continues to have a bit of a security issue, with a new piece of malware that can record phone calls. (Network World)

Facebook’s mobile users: An interesting breakdown of how people are getting to Facebook on mobile devices. (Benedict Evans)

Skype’s iPad app: Kind of a weird night for Skype, which launched an iPad app, then pulled it, then launched it again. (GigaOm)

iPhone price cuts: Some retailers are reducing the prices on the iPhone 4 now that the mobile community is thinking about an October launch. (Ars Technica)