Sneak preview of Apple’s iCloud web apps

Apple (s aapl) released a preview version of its upcoming iCloud web apps late Monday afternoon, alongside new pricing info for iCloud storage space upgrades. The iCloud apps currently appear to be available to some, but not all Apple ID and MobileMe account holders, as well as developers. I managed to access most of the new web apps, aside from Mail, and I liked what I saw so much I decided to share it in a screencast (note that there’s no sound in the video, so no need to adjust your computer’s volume):


As you can see in the video, the iCloud apps (running in the latest version of Safari on OS X Lion) look a lot like the redesigned Address Book and Calendar apps from Lion, as does the Mail app from screenshots I’ve seen. Apple’s decision to go for a unified look and feel between the web-based iCloud presence, Mac apps and iOS software is a great idea for encouraging adoption of cloud services among users new to the concept. One experience, no matter where you access from, really helps the learning curve and should help alleviate any concerns about privacy and security of access.

One other really nice feature about the beta: it appears to remember where you are when last you left off, even if you last logged in from a different computer, and delivers you right back to that same spot the next time you log in. It’s sort of like having Lion’s Auto Resume feature on the web.

Apple has definitely stepped up its game compared to MobileMe. Do you see yourself using iCloud on the web when it becomes available to the general public this September?