HBO Go coming to connected TVs, game consoles

Time Warner’s (s TWX) HBO Go service has been a big hit, and it’s helping to drive more viewers to the premium cable network. Building on that success, CEO Jeff Bewkes said on the company’s earnings call Wednesday morning that HBO’s TV Everywhere service would soon be available not just to web browsers and mobile devices, but on connected TVs and video game consoles.

The premium cable network initially rolled out a browser-based version of its HBO Go service in early 2010. Since then, HBO Go has expanded the amount of content available through the service, including every episode of every HBO original series. It’s also expanded availability of the service, releasing mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad (s AAPL) and Android devices. (s GOOG)

The mobile apps have been very successful so far, with Bewkes reporting that those apps have been downloaded more than 4 million times since their launch. And according to Bewkes, Time Warner’s research shows that HBO Go users watch even more of the network’s content than those who don’t take advantage of the service.

With that in mind, HBO is looking to extend the service to even more devices, Bewkes said. By including connected TVs and game consoles, HBO is following similar initiatives announced by Time Warner Cable (s TWC) and Comcast (s CMCSA) to build their own branded TV apps for customers to watch streaming programming. But with mobile apps and connected TV apps, HBO is positioned better than most other programmers in making its content available on those devices.