GigaOM Pro is a simplified market research solution

Because GigaOM Pro is a fresh approach to market research, the concept of all-you-can-eat technology insight from a large network of top industry analysts is new to some people. To introduce the idea, we’re launching a series of short video ads to illustrate the different features of the service.


Since we’re an information company, not an ad agency, we have to create these pre-rolls a little bit differently. In the interest of avoiding big production woes (legal clearances, studio time, etc.), I committed the ultimate act of narcissism and made a commercial starring . . . myself. Specifically, a two-year version of myself (with a few shots of my dad).

Creating a “slide show” filled with actual photos (no Instagram-y faux filters here)¬†hopefully keeps this spot moving while reinforcing the “simplified solution to market research” aspect of GigaOM Pro that we are going for. And maybe the 1970s photos will tug at your heartstrings and give you a warm feeling inside. (Bonus: I gave myself likeness rights!)

Hopefully you’ll enjoy watching these spots as much as we enjoyed creating them. We’d love your feedback below. Keep on the lookout, because we’ll be posting more of our ads in the coming weeks (no more baby photos of me, I promise).

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