Google+ for iOS gets iPad, iPod touch and iOS 5 support

Google (s goog) released a relatively small update to its Google+ app for iOS on Monday. It doesn’t introduce any extraordinary new features, but does add compatibility with the iPad (s aapl)and iPod touch, and the pre-release version of iOS 5. There are also some additions to the Huddle feature.

Before the latest update (the latest version is now, the app wouldn’t even install on an iPad or iPod touch. However, while this version still isn’t Universal, so while iPad users will have to use pixel-doubling compatibility mode, it will install on all iOS devices running iOS 4 or later.┬áThe app is also much more stable, including on the developer preview of iOS 5, and removes a few bugs (like the inability to view Streams or Profiles) which cropped up in the previous version.

There are also some additional features in the Huddle section of the app. You can now hide or mute specific Huddles, so you won’t be notified of new messages in the conversation. Also added was the ability to rename a Huddle to make it easier to distinguish between conversations. Lastly, you can also decline an invitation to a Huddle from your device, and leave a Huddle you are participating in.

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