Infographic: Netflix by the numbers

When it comes to making money with online video, there is Netflix, (s NFLX) and then there’s everyone else. The company has managed to grow its streaming video service from an added feature to its main business, and it’s utilized its footprint on more than 450 devices to amass more subscribers than even Comcast, (s CMCSA) the nation’s biggest cable TV provider. Check out our infographic for a look at the money, the technology and the catalog behind the Netflix empire:

Netflix recently ruffled some feathers with its plan to split its DVD-by-mail and online video efforts into two separate subscription plans, effectively raising the rates up to 60 percent for some users. The company now expects growth to slow down in the coming quarter as a result.

What do you think? Will Netflix continue to grow its position of online video domination, or are we going to see the company stumble as a result of the price hike? Let us know in the comments!