Kno Lets Students Read E-Textbooks On Facebook And The Web

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) is not the only company to make an HTML5-based app announcement today: E-textbook company Kno is now allowing students to read their textbooks through Facebook and on the web.

Kno also added new interactive features to its iPad app. The “Journal” feature lets students transfer sticky notes, images, highlights, text and other content from their e-textbooks into a digital notebook. The “Quiz Me” feature turns any diagram in a Kno textbook into a multiple-choice quiz tool: It blacks out text so that students can test themselves on identifying parts of the diagram.

Kno was founded by Chegg co-founder Osman Rashid and consumer electronics vet Babur Habib in May 2009, and its original mission was to design a tablet for students, with side-by-side touchscreen displays and note-taking features. The company abandoned that plan, however, this past April, and switched over to developing software. At that time, it also closed a $30 million funding round with investments from Intel (NSDQ: INTC), Andreessen Horowitz and Advanced Publishing.