Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook For Book Sharing

If you want to share what you’re reading with your social network, there are a couple different ways to do it, none of which are totally streamlined. Google+ comes the closest to getting book-sharing right with new features it added today.

Google+ users can now share any book they are reading by finding it on Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Books, adding a message or note and then clicking the Google+ share box, the company announced on its blog today. The book cover, description and title linking back to the Google Books About the Book page will then appear in their Google+ stream. Users can also just paste the Google Books URL for a book into their Google+ share box, and that will show the cover and book details in their stream.

There are still two steps here since you have to visit the Google Books site at some point, but this is the most streamlined method of book-sharing that I have seen on a social networking site so far. Sites like Goodreads have Facebook apps that will stream users’ Goodreads activity to your Facebook wall, but there is not native book-sharing within Facebook (you can’t share automatically share all the info about a book the way you can share a link or video, for instance). Google+ is closer to getting it right. It would be even better if you could just type, for example, BOOK: [TITLE] into your Google+ share box and have the book details pop up, but this is pretty easy.

Hey, here is what I’m reading now. I wish it would include title, price and buy links and some other details; maybe Google will add that in an update.